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Luc' - MayDay







Besides sex I feel there’s other things to talk about

Like people laid out on that gravel unconscious just leaking fluid with that chalk around them

Body bagged or on stretchers with their head wrapped

Any second they could pass could be a relative a mom or dad

Whether Innocent or guilty still a victim in the ghetto

Punctured body parts from knives or shells from out the metal

Or probably beat to death by police with false suspicion

Or by a person who don’t fear death nor fear prison

Somebody has to die they killed your blood you have to get them

Gang affiliation smoke another gang affiliate

It comes back around just as it did to those who did it

You know the type to a watch a movie and try to depict it

Retaliation turns these hoods into the Wild West

So now you got to watch your back you could be next

Terrified as fuck, you never worry bout the shit until it hits home

Children and parents killed same shit, why people kill their own?

The same cycle keeps repeating try to break the chain

It’s usually jealousy over bread dames or Caine

School shootings, bombs in Texas and in Boston

The world already fucked up from all these countries warring

Really of no importance, it’s all extortion

For bigger portions, land gold oil and profit margins


Decrease the population but it increases the coffins

People do nothing but stare like tourists, it happens often

What the fuck is going on in this orbit?

So I sit and analyze light a spliff and take a long hit



May Day May Day 2x

Some people let it be some give up while the others pray

May Day May Day 2x


Little girls are having babies shit I’ve never seen

Starting out from 12 to 17 only with the dude because he getting cream

School dropout no degree he make his money hustling

You spend your time chasing money but can’t amount to nothing

You watch reality shows, you see these girls in pageants

You see these models these entertainers and girls with asses

You want attention so you dressing like a prostitute

Your friends say you look cute only because your friends are just like you

Using drugs popping Molly’s; instead of themselves they want to be dollies

Plastic figures but in that mirror you swear you’re a hottie

You got your ass done your lips plus your tits too

Now you’re conceded thinking every niggas digging you

He only sexed you cause your pretty and he knew he’d get you

You only sexed him cause he’s jiggy then that nigga left you


You can’t keep a man your attitude is out of order

Broke so you get your doe stripping in front of pimps and ballers

A side job turned to fulltime whoring

Because you’re sleeping for the cheese if it wasn’t it’ll be a different story

Sometimes it’s unprotected sometimes you have more than 2

At a time all them drugs and alcohol pollutes the mind

I swear these motherfuckers planned this shit on purpose

Put some shit out watch us grab it they observe it like it’s working

Females don’t have to do this especially for no cake

Some cases women got followed got beaten tortured and raped

Even killed, they say they want real but they don’t wanna hear it

This song let’s see how many cross the globe is gonna air it



May Day May Day 2x

Some give up while the others pray some people let it be

May Day May Day 2x