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Rio Suavey - Like Me

Rio Suavey - Like Me

来自Rio SuaveyLike Me》大声做你自己,不要做别人。要记住除了自己,你不像任何人。你,就是你!




Hook: Yeen nun like me (like me)[3x]

Naw nigga yeen nun like me [1x]


Verse1: Can’t do what I do, can’t walk in my shoes

You aint making no moves, you aint paying no dues

You aint getting no money, you aint fucking wit da city

You aint rocking no fendi, you aint balling like diddy

Mo money, mo problems it aint no biggie

If a nigga run up imma hit'em wit the semi

You aint sipping on remy, You aint shopping at jimmy

You aint smoking like a chimney, nigga you just envy

Gwalla & fetti got plenty, Its like I got fairly odd parents like timmy

Flow like the migo's, they aint real amigos coming from mexico city

Vote for pedro, take yo bitch like pedro, Stay lowkey like pedro

Wateva you say so I’m getting these peso's count it up(count it) stack it like legos

Like I’m diego, betcha cant tango, drive ah durango at every angle

So Suavey down to my ankles, call me django burning like candles

You so scandal, I’m dat randall, fucking in ah bando, tryna channel

You cant handle, wearing bangle, just like vandal, heres a example

Hook [Repeat 2x]


Verse2: You aint nun like me, u aint dropping no heat, u aint drinking cognac, making noise in this streets

You aint smoking on strong, u aint got 4 rings, quit saying u fly u aint got no wings

You aint sitting on the thrown, quit u da king, stop saying we attached, we aint got no strings

You saying we match but we aint the same, I’m different I’m different aint talking 2 chains

You aint blowing no money, u aint making rain

You still at the bottom, u aint running no game

You aint rocking no robin like ya name was jermaine, u aint a real soldier u dont bring major pain You aint mobbing dese streets, u aint moving no weight, u aint got no clue wats real wats fake

You aint getting no love, u aint making no jugs

You aint from where I’m from

You aint drinking til u numb, u aint speaking in tongues

Dropping no bombs

Beating the puss like a drummer playing drums

Your raps bubblegum, u aint going dumb

You aint going thru a check, u aint using ya thumb

Aint getting no respect, know how to finesse

Aint placing no bets, aint getting no neck

Well u flying in jets, aint got no connects

Never settle for the less, u aint making progress 

Hook [Repeat 2x]