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Dr_Kleiber (@wellliu127)


Gamefy's eavesdropping

Dear IceFrog,

First please allow us to express our gratitude for this wonderful tournament, the match is really wonderful, and we really looking forward to the entree in Key Arena.  

However, we also noticed that although Valve has made comprehensive plan and strict rules to make sure the match could go on smoothly and players wouldn’t be disturbed during their match, a media named Gamefy maliciously eavesdropped the drafting discussion of Team DK before their last playoff match versus Evil Genius through a camera installed in the matching room without any player’s consent, and posted the video on the internet (to be precisely, Youku, the largest video sharing website in China).

This is not a hearsay like “DK has been boycott by other Chinese teams”, or “Chinese plays cheers for DK’s losing”, the Chinese dota community knew about it in short time and Imbatv followed into the situation and interviewed with 71, DK’s coach, who was very angry about the leakage. Although Gamefy deleted the video when DK protest against it, the video can still be googled, and thousands of dota fans watched the video through internet, and there are also rumors that the content of the video has been translated into English and posted on Gosu. DK’s core strategy and their drafting ideas has been completely exposed in this video, which would put them in a very negative situation in their following games not only against EG but also against other teams.

We are wondering since there are strict discipline that only players are allowed in the gaming room during the match (even coaches are not allowed), how could Gamefy put a camera in the room? Is Gamefy’s action violate the rule? If not, does it mean media has the privilege to record any information of any teams before, during and after their match? If they did violate the rule, is there any punishment for such behavior (due to the severe consequence)? It also needs to mention in a video they posted on June the 11th, they also recorded IG’s discussion after their match against NaVi, but Ferrari_430  noticed it and left the room , so not much IG’s thoughts and idea has been leaked. We seriously ask Valve to investigate Gamefy’s behavior and let the dota community know the final results.

Currently (around nine hours after they posted the eavesdropping video), Gamefy still doesn't give any explanation to their behavior. Since you and Valve has been considered as “conscience of game industry” among Chinese dota fans, we believe we could rely on you to make TI4 a fair and pleasant tournament for the players, the fans and the whole community by getting rid of the black sheep.


IG’s video they recorded:  (


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Yang Liu (Dr.Kleiber)