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2016 photos are good, 2016 video is better, race report on January 3rd, 2017 is best! Coming soon so stay tuned!

1.巡回赛来到了美丽的鹿鸣谷景区。CTDS came to the beautiful Deer Valley scenic area.

2.专业的赛事少不了高水平的裁判。High-level referees match this professional event.

3.工作人员平整场地。Scene snowfield needs to be leveled.

4.参赛选手的颜值绝不在实力之下。Strength or beauty? Both!

5.赛前给雪板打蜡是一项需要经验的技术活。Waxing skis is a skill which depends on experience.

6.资格赛时选手们间隔出发。Participants started with interval in qualification.

7.四分之一决赛、半决赛、决赛时4位选手同场竞技。4 participants competed in 1/4 Final,1/2 Final,Final.

8.领导嘉宾出席“助力冬奥”开幕式。"Cheer for 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games" in opening ceremony.

9.终点前写意的庆祝彰显了绝对的实力。Easy victory shows overwhelming power.

10.赛后颁奖时咧嘴笑是最美的哦。Grinning in prize giving ceremony.