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9日在加州Napa和Sonoma郡等地区发生大规模山火,目前至少造成10人死亡,位于Napa的Signorello Estate Winery和位于Santa Rosa的Paradise Ridge Winery经酒庄证实被大火烧毁。其他损失报告未经证实,我们会及时发布官方伤亡和酒庄损失报告。请大家跟我们一起为灾区的家人、朋友、同事以及酒庄祈祷,希望火灾早日过去,伤亡损失得到控制,酒乡早日回复往日美好与宁静。

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There are a lot of sensational photos coming out of Napa and Sonoma and the fire is significant for sure. And also there have been a lot of rumors unsupported by facts. The harvest was largely completed when this fire started so it should have little affect on the 2017 vintage based on the facts we know now. There are only two wineries that have been confirmed to have been destroyed out of the 539 wineries in Napa and 428 wineries in Sonoma. Our thoughts and concernts are with our friends and neighbors in Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties suffering form the affects of todays wildfires. We are continuing to assess the situation and will post updats when we have verifiable informations to share.

--- Christopher Beros, Asian Director of CWI