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题目:The Improvements of Star Wars When Watched in Machete Order (Spoilers)

主讲人:Joshua Anderson




Josh Anderson is a teacher in CUMT’s English Department. He is a product of the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign, graduating with a degree in Psychology. He has taught in several Asian cities, including Nanjing and Seoul. His interests include playing guitar, distance running, and most relevantly, film studies.

Lecture Synopsis: A story in film is more than the sum of the parts; it includes tone, pacing, and structure. Most films feel quite comfortable with a “start at the beginning, finish at the end” approach, while others take a more creative approach. If a writer or director can make improvements to an individual film by rearranging it, can this also be done by fans of an entire franchise of films? “Star Wars” is one of the most famous film sagas of all film, currently with 6 episodes ordered chronologically, but can the story actually be improved if that order is altered significantly? If you have never seen “Star Wars”, prepare to not only feel a little lost, but also to have all of the secrets spoiled (so watch it first if possible).